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Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Soft tissue sarcoma develop in several parts like joints, muscles, blood vessels or nerves. An example of sarcoma that affects joints is malignant tenosynovial giant cell tumor. Read more



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Dr Prabhudev K.B

Dr Prabhudev K.B, an MS in Orthopedics, is the consultant Orthopedic surgeon at MSCC. He is an experienced orthopedic specialist in managing acute trauma and performing joint replacement surgeries. Read More

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A 23 year old man presented to a local hospital with swelling around the right knee joint...

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Patient success stories are mostly personal experiences of various people who have been...

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We are pleased to invite patients from across the world who seek our care. We have well-trained and qualified staff who can coordinate with you for all your needs.